Each business is unique with it’s own unique requirements. My core Business Support services are reflected below but it really is best that you and I have a chat to determine the most effective way I can add value to you and your business.

I’m pretty amazing at a whole bunch of things, and regardless which of my services you need, you’ll always have 100% commitment & dedication and 100% piece of mind – I’m here to make your life a whole lot easier. 

Administrative Support

Policy & Procedure Management – Ensuring company policies and procedures are standardized within your company or organization. Facilitating eff­ective storage and access to updated documents.

Process Management – Evaluating and improving your business’s processes, making business operations and workflow more efficient.

Records Management – Organizing, maintaining, and protecting your business databases.

Scheduling/Appointment Setting – Scheduling appointments, project timelines, or onboarding and building work schedules for your staff­.

Document Management – Preparing, managing, and distributing important documents for you and your company or organization. Managing and storing files using Dropbox or Google Drive.

Financial Management –  Updating Profit &Loss statements, cost containment, basic bookkeeping, creating and sending invoices, processing payments to contractors, vendors, and affiliate partners.

Data Entry – Updating and entering data into a computer system.

Email Management – Checking and responding to email messages, organizing inbox, filing crucial emails, removing spam, managing email list subscriptions.

Online Research

Competitive Analysis – Researching your competitors and determining how your competitors’ strategies compare to your business, products, or services.

Data Collection – Gathering and measuring information on certain variables using methods like Net Promoter Scores, web-based surveys, mail surveys.

Market Research – Gathering data regarding your target market’s preferences and needs.

Data Analytics – Collecting and analyzing data to extract useful information for your business or organization, assisting you in making informed business decisions. (this includes Net Promoter Score Analysis)

Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Improving the public’s perception of your brand on the Internet by monitoring and responding to mentions in online content.

Social Investment

Pro Bono for Non Profit Organisations

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